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RGG Summit Event 2022 Announced For Next Week

by Abdul Wassay
RGG Summit Event 2022

RGG Studio, the developers behind the Yakuza franchise, has announced the RGG Summit Event 2022, which will be taking place next week, on Wednesday, September 14th. As the studio’s Western social media accounts also shared this information, we can assume that the RGG Summit 2022 will be aimed at a global audience, which was the same case with the Lost Judgment reveal event.

Regarding what we can expect from this event, the most obvious answer is Yakuza 8, which was confirmed to be in development over a month ago, and which will probably release next year. There’s a very high chance that we’re going to at least get a reveal trailer for Yakuza 8. We saw a couple of screenshots earlier this year showing a few scenes from the game, so it’s safe to say we will at least get some news regarding the upcoming entry.

As for other news, there’s not much that can be said. RGG Studio is the type that supports ports, remakes, and remasters, and seeing how long people have been asking for one, we might get news regarding official English releases of Yakuza Kenzan and Yakuza Ishin. Still, when compared to the likelihood of seeing news about Yakuza 8 during the event, don’t expect much in the way of other news. But this is still called a “summit,” so we might see some other news as well.

The RGG Summit starts at 7 pm Japan time, which is 11 am in the UK, and 3 am Pacific / 6 am US Eastern.

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