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Rogue Company Update 2.10 Out Tomorrow

by Abdul Wassay
Rogue Company Update 2.10

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 2.10, which brings the new Formal Affair patch to the game. This includes an update to the Glacier map and other new additions. Players had been experiencing quite a bit of glitches since the last Rogue Company update, so hopefully, this update does something to ease the problem.

Rogue Company is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical third-person shooter developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. This brand new update adds a map to the game as well, the map is called Glacier and promises to be a fun time. Besides this, there are a whole host of changes, you can view the patch notes below:


Come high class in the Formal Affair update. This ritzy update comes with an array of rich content in the Party Crashers Battle Pass. Additionally, we serve up to our VIPs (you!) some quality of life improvements to features like Draft Pick (Ranked & Customs), Weapon Mastery, and a minor layout update to Glacier!


Our Rogues infiltrate a high society party in a familiar place as Party Crashers to gather intel on potential new leads against Jackal. In this battle pass, Rogues come glitzed out in high fashion(some outfits you may have seen before in an update show long ago) with cosmetics for Lancer, Ronin, Juke, and Trench. Lastly, this wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t come with your trusty +1, the Mythic SLC Mixtape weapon skin!

Battle Pass Base Bundle (1000 Rogue Bucks)

  • Lethal Luxury Ronin Epic Outfit
  • Purple Prose Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost

Battle Pass Elite Bundle (2000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +15 Battle Pass Levels
  • Lethal Luxury Ronin Epic Outfit
  • Purple Prose Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost


General Rewards

  • 3x Reward Supply Drops
  • 3x 30 Minute Account Boosts
  • 3x 45 Minute Account Boosts
  • 3x 1 Hour Account Boosts
  • 1000 Rogue Bucks


  • Fatal Arrangement Rare Spray
  • Seated for Excellence Rare Emote
  • The Plus One Epic Melee Wrap
  • Golden Sands Rare Wingsuit
  • Fiery Steed Rare Avatar
  • Treacherous Seas Rare Border
  • Risqué Prance Rare Emote
  • The Plus One Epic Primary Wrap
  • Belle of the Ball Epic Title
  • Nightfall Trench Rare Outfit
  • A Night Out Rare Banner
  • Reptilian Rare Wingsuit
  • Shake it up Epic Emote
  • The Plus One Epic Secondary Wrap
  • Cow Company Rare Avatar
  • Golden Rose Rare Border
  • Fashion Statement
  • Killer Threads Epic Title
  • Fashion Statement Legendary Melee Wrap
  • Hang Loose Rare Spray
  • Scaducci Juke Rare Outfit
  • High Roller Rare Border
  • Ballistic Ball Epic Banner
  • Fashion Statement Legendary Primary Wrap
  • Silk Flight Epic Hoverboard
  • Campfire Connoisseur Legendary Emote
  • Mixtape SL-C Mythic Wrap
  • Nine Lives Epic Avatar
  • Golden Shot Epic Banner
  • Singularity Epic Wingsuit Wrap
  • 21 Carat Legendary Avatar
  • Life of the Party Legendary Title
  • Heist Lancer Legendary Outfit


The first new season of the new year begins today, granting last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn!

Year 2 Season 4 Ranked Rewards

The following rewards will be given to those who are marked veterans in ranked and to those who have achieved Rogue tier during the active season:

  • Play 30 Ranked Games: Beautiful View Epic Banner
  • Achieve Rogue Tier: Intervention Epic Banner



Glacier has received an update to help speed up rotations and minimize the vertical stacking of major combat spaces.

  • The stairs to the bottom of the map have been closed off. Now only provides a linear pathway to each side of the map.
  • New pathways have been added through the middle of the ship.

Draft Pick Improvements

Based on Player feedback, we’re adjusting the allocation of picks in our ranked draft modes, as having first ban and the first two picks was too strong. As a result, the draft will now flow in a more familiar format:

  • Team A Bans 1 Rouge
  • Team B Bans 1 Rogue
  • Team A Picks 1 Rogue
  • Team B Picks 2 Rogues
  • Team A Picks 2 Rogues
  • Team B Picks 2 Rogues
  • Team A Picks 1 Rogue

Weapon Mastery Expanded

We’ve had challenges and unlocks for our secondaries and melee’s since the initial release of the weapon mastery system, everything but the ultimate reward of unlocking the weapons to be used on other Rogues. It’s time. Now fully mastered melee weapons and pistols can be swapped between rogues. We have also retrofitted a bunch of our newer melee weapons onto characters that we think are good fits for them, making them a bit more accessible to be mastered for those who may not own all of the newer rogues. See under Game Balance for more details on these changes.




With the introduction of the Volatile and Energized increasing both the potency and frequency of overheat, we think a slight cooldown nerf is in order.

Increased Overheat’s cooldown from 45 to 60 seconds.


Base Melee weapon changed to Claymore


Base Melee weapon changed to Combat Knife


  • Smoke Grenade changed to Pop Smoke grenade
  • Base Melee weapon changed to Katana


Base Melee weapon changed to Baseball Bat


A while ago, we changed to allow for two Barricades to be deployed simultaneously. We also wanted the ability to store two charges as well since that’s how other multi-charge deployables function. We could not make this change because of the “Break Glass” functionality of the Barricade. We think it’s more worthwhile to be able to store two charges of Barricade and have them both ready to go at a moments notice, so we have removed the “Break Glass” functionality from the ability button. You can still break the glass if you want to by shooting the small yellow canisters inside the shield! We think this is a net buff to Barricade, so we are raising the cooldown slightly to compensate.

  • Removed the ability to break the glass by pressing the ability button again. Instead, you can now only break the glass by shooting the yellow canister.
  • Ability Cooldown is now 40 seconds (Max 2 charges)
  • Ability can now store two charges, similar to Trench’s Barbed Wire and Vy’s Poison.
  • Base Melee weapon changed to Sledgehammer.


  • Base Melee weapon changed to Combat Knife
  • The cooldown for reviving your linked target was recharging too fast and show now be recharging at the proper rate of 60 seconds.


Base Melee weapon changed to Throwing Axe


Base Melee weapon changed to Khukri


Targeting Through Smoke

We are addressing an unintended exploit brought about by the complexities of our VFX within Unreal Engine.

  • Can no longer use gadget AoE targeter to see player outlines through smoke.



We wanted to err on the side of caution with the initial release of the gadgeteer perk, lest the perk be too strong and send us back to more gadget-heavy gameplay. Unfortunately, the perk has proven to be ineffective for the cost, so we are increasing its effectiveness and increasing the price of each tier slightly.

  • Now provides 10%/20%/30% cooldown reduction at Rare/Epic/Legendary.
  • Cost increased to $6000/$9000/$12000


LR15 & Tyr

We have reintroduced flinch to our snipers. Flinch makes your crosshair bounce to simulate your character “flinching” as they take damage from other sources. The goal here is to make snipers easier to punish when they’re fighting within the effective range of AR’s & SMG’s.

Now have Flinch

Game Modes

King of the Hill (KOTH)

KOTH has been changed back to multiple rounds.

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