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Sonic Frontiers Release Date Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
Sonic Frontiers Release Date

Due to new info in a trailer released by Sega themselves, the Sonic Frontiers release date has been leaked, and it seems like the latest entry in the platformer franchise will release just a day before Sony’s God of War Ragnarok. The leaked release date certainly lines up with the previously stated plans of releasing the game in the fourth quarter of 2022, but Sega has yet to explicitly confirm if this release date is true or not.

The trailer was publicly available on Sonic the Hedgehog’s Japanese YouTube channel for just a few minutes before it was quickly set to private and made unviewable again. It’s likely that the trailer that Sega planned to release during Gamescom, as was teased by the game’s official Twitter account yesterday, August 22nd.

This release date is notable considering that it is one day before God of War Ragnarok, one of the most anticipated games of the year. It should go without saying that God of War and Sonic don’t share the same target audience, and publishers usually want to avoid releasing their games alongside other major releases. It has recently been claimed that several publishers deliberately moved their games out of God of War Ragnarok’s path so that their sales would not be affected by the sequel.

Ever since the November 9th release date of God of War Ragnarok was revealed, many have speculated that the game will get delayed sometime soon. However, the producer of the game Cory Barlog recently stated that this won’t be the case and that God of War Ragnarok will be released on its planned launch day without any delays. Sega has also stated that Sonic Frontiers will release during the fourth quarter of 2024, and it won’t receive delays as the game was already pushed out of its initial 2021 release date

As it would be confirmed that it would be revealed today, August 23. The trailer will probably be officially revealed by host Geoff Keighley during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. Geoff Keighley has already stated previously that Sonic Frontiers will make an appearance during the show.

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