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Sony Responds To Activision Blizzard Purchase

by Abdul Wassay
Sony Responds To Activision Blizzard Purchase

Sony responds to Activision Blizzard purchase by Microsoft, according to new reports. In a response to Microsoft’s buying Activision Blizzard, Sony has made the bold claim that no other publisher can make a franchise during this age that could feasibly rival the Call of Duty franchise. This statement came from Sony itself due to a review procedure that is publicly available. It pertains to acquisitions that are conducted by the company’s competition regulation authorities in Brazil.

The PlayStation console manufacturer says that in this day and age, there are only a few developers and publishers that can create AAA games. These include companies such as EA, Take-Two and Rockstar, and Epic Games, with each having massive fanbases and some of the biggest games in the business, like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto. They’re able to constantly put out high-quality titles.

Despite the popularity of all these franchises, Sony has made the claim that none of these studios can even match Call of Duty, which is owned by Activision Blizzard. The franchise is just too big and massively popular to boot. Due to the huge popularity of the franchise, it will definitely affect players’ console preferences as well. The company argues that the number of Call of Duty fans that are devoted to the franchise is so large that no other company can even hope to make a competitor.

As reported by PlayStation, players select their primary console based on three factors. These are cost, technological capabilities, and what types of games are offered. The biggest influencer of decision is the last one though, so this is a big deal. PlayStation’s top-third party revenue source is Call of Duty which brings in a lot of money for the company, so one can see why Sony would make this claim. Regardless, it’s unknown what Sony’s next course of action is.

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