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Splatoon 3 New Amiibo Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Splatoon 3 New Amiibo

Splatoon 3 new amiibo have been revealed. The Splatoon 3 Direct has revealed that Splatoon 3 will be getting new amiibos. Despite the game not being out yet, the new Amiibo line will consist of three figures. Those are Inkling, Octoling, and Smallfry. They will be arriving on store shelves this holiday.

The three figures will be in a moderately sized amiibo box. As shown in the Direct, you’ll have the ability to scan your Splatoon 3 amiibo figurines in the game and gain access to different types of clothing. The biggest thing of note from this is that you will now have the ability to story whole outfits together. You’ll have the ability to dress up your avatar the same as your amiibo. You can do this by doing a simple scan that will give players the save their gear combinations as “Fresh Fits,” which you can use to easily change your look.

Along with the ability to change your look on the fly, the new amiibos will also come with exclusive gear. This means these amiibos will be the only way for you to get your hands on some of these gears.

Nintendo also confirmed in the direction that along with this new collection, the old Splatoon 2 amiibo figures will also be relaunching in time with Splatoon 3’s release. The re-release versions will include the Callie and Marie two-pack as well as the Pearl and Marina two-pack. Both of these will be $24.99 each. The three new figures announced will be available in one, or they can be bought individually for $15.99.

Splatoon 3 launches on September 9th for the Nintendo Switch. While there’s no official release date regarding the new amiibos, they have been confirmed to be released this winter. This means you’ll probably be able to get your hands on them just in time for the holidays.

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