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Star Citizen Free To Play For Limited Time

by Abdul Wassay
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Star Citizen Free To Play

The developer of Star Citizen has stated that for a short time, Start Citizen is free to play. Star Citizen is an MMO that’s still under active development, even after 11 years, there are no signs of development stopping anytime soon. Despite that, Cloud Imperium Games have decided to hold an event to encourage new players to try out their game.

Star Citizen Free To Play

Star Citizen has decided to hold a new event, titled “Free To Fly”, in which the game will be available to play for free. From July 8 to July 15, new players interested in the MMO can join in for absolutely free. In addition to this, Star Citizen will also save money on a ship. Ships in Star Citizen can be very expensive, some even costing up to $40,000, but for the next week players will have the ships the Avenger Titan, the Mercury Cutlass, the Arrow, or the Dragonfly for free. After the event is over, however, players will have to return them, or if they want they could choose to purchase them.

If players choose to continue to play Star Citizen after the event, they have access to discounted starter packs till July 18. This means that new players will have an easier, and cheaper, time getting into Star Citizen. Players who follow the game’s referral program, and recruit a friend to play Star Citizen, will have access to free promotional points which they can trade for various items.

How Do I Play Star Citizen For Free?

If you’re looking to try out Star Citizen during this event, all you need to do is:

  • First, go to the Star Citizen website and log in.
  • Enter the promotional code: GETINTOTHEVERSE.
  • After that, players will be able to download the game for free.

Star Citizen is an odd game, despite almost $500 million in funding and has been in development for 11 years, the game is still being developed and there are no signs of a proper full release. It has been criticized heavily for how long it has taken to come out, despite this, Star Citizen still seems to have an active and dedicated player base.

Star Citizen is available to play on PC only.

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