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Stray Steam Version Getting Popular

by Abdul Wassay
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The Stray Steam version is getting pretty popular, according to recent reviews. Stray, the recently released game about controlling a cat, seems to be a big hit with PC players alike. While the day one arrival of the game on PlayStation Plus made it seem like a PlayStation exclusive, it’s still present on other consoles as well. Although Stray PlayStation might be the most “optimal way” to play the game, there’s no denying that the game has caught the attention of everyone it possibly can.

Stray Is A Hit On Steam

Taking a closer look at the user-submitted reviews posted on Steam, it is obvious that Stray is currently being showered with praise. Just a few days after launch, 97% of the total reviews for the game and wholly positive, which means the game has an “extremely positive” overall rating on Steam. A rating like that is very rare, only being reached by some games on Steam. Who knows? Maybe in the future, the reviews of the game will become a bit more negative, but for now, the game is filled with praise.

Stray Steam Charts

Stray Steam Charts

Steam isn’t the only place where we can see the game is being openly praised though. On Metacritic, the user rating for Stray is currently 8.9 out of ten. But just recently, it was above 9.0. The cat adventure game also boasts an impressive 90% on the Opencritic website, which just goes to show how well-loved this game is. With all these reviews coming in that are praising the game, one thing is clear. The developers of Stray, BlueTwelve Studio, have managed to make a game that became a smash hit with critics and audiences alike.

Stray is now available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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