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Street Fighter 6 Trailer, Game Modes And Release Date

by Abdul Wassay
Street Fighter 6 Cover Art

There was some exciting news at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 this morning, as Capcom officially announced the Street Fighter 6 closed beta test. During their show this morning, a quick trailer was released that shared a few important details about the upcoming test. Those hoping to get their hands on Street Fighter 6 will have the opportunity to do so next month, although the closed beta means only select players will get in.

There’s no confirmed release date for Street Fighter 6, but hosting a closed beta test and featuring so many twists and turns in online battles this year could indicate that Capcom is aiming for a fairly early 2023 release. The main thing that won’t be available is the World Tour mode, which allows players to create their fighters and travel around Metro City. The visual customization offered will be very extensive, and you will then have a Gear device that you can wear over your body.

When you go online, you visit the Battle Hub, a place that can host up to 100 players at once. There are arcade cabinets that let you jump into Battle Hub matches with other players now and then while other players can watch you. Other Game Center cabinets let you play classics like Street Fighter II and Final Fight and compete for the highest score.

Meanwhile, extreme battles were also confirmed. They seem to fight with quirky rules and tricks. It can be first to five knockdowns, bull stomping, or even feature Met from MegaMan, along with a whole host of other features. This mode seems to be focused on pure fun while still retaining the competitive aspect.

There will be eight different characters to choose from in the beta, and in the trailer, we see a very quick glimpse of the list of images that will be playable. Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, Guile, Kimberly, Juri, and Ken will make up the beta roster. You should note that the registration site is experiencing heavy traffic, so you’ll probably get a few error messages during the registration process.

You can check out the new trailer posted below:

As for a Street Fighter 6 release date, we don’t have a set release date yet. All we know is that Street Fighter 6 will release in 2023.

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