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Subnautica Aurora Door Codes Guide

by Hamza Qayyum
Subnautica Aurora Door Codes

Subnautica is a survival game that encourages and rewards its players by exploring the biomes scattered across the map. Visiting wreckages, buildings, and other unexplored areas will give you weapons and valuable resources for your journey.

Among all these farming hubs, the most famous wreckage players will come across is none other than the ship known as The Aurora. This massive ship is right in front of the player next to the spawning pod. Despite being easy to approach, players will often be confused about how to enter the ship and crack the various Aurora door codes to get all the items the ship has to offer. Thus, this guide will help by escorting you to the entrance to The Aurora as well as sharing all the Subnautica door codes so you can get all that hidden loot!

How Many Entrances To The Aurora Are There?

There are 2 ways of entering The Aurora. Since the ship gives off massive radiation energy, the first entrance will require you to have a radiation suit to approach the ship, so you don’t die while entering the ship. You will also need a laser cutter and a propulsion cannon to get into The Aurora.

Aurora Entrance #1

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #1

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #1

To start, you will first head towards the front end of the ship, which is located North-East on your compass. Be careful as there are a lot of dangerous enemies, such as the Reaper Leviathan, lurking around the entrance, so you need to approach it steadily.

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #1 Door

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #1 Door

Once you reach the landing part of The Aurora, go right, and now you will use your propulsion cannon to remove the boxes blocking the entrance into the ship. Heading further down the hallway from the entrance, you will see another body of water. Jump into it, swim downstream, and use your laser cutters to open the metal door to your right to access the interior.

Aurora Entrance #2

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #2

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #2

The second entrance into The Aurora only requires you to have your radiation suit on. This time, head left once you reach the landing part of The Aurora. Walk alongside the body of the ship and go to the upper part of the ship and turn left.

Follow the metal railings, and you’ll be greeted with the second entrance into the ship, which will be blocked by fire. Grab a fire extinguisher next to the entrance and use it to extinguish the fire to get into the ship.

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #2 Fire Extinguisher

Subnautica Aurora Entrance #2 Fire Extinguisher

Subnautica Aurora Codes

There are a total of 4 locked doors on the ship. You can get the codes to these doors via the Data Bank… or you can just snatch the codes from here and skip the unnecessary goose chase. Just as an FYI, you can find all these Data Banks on the ship itself. When you’re in front of the door that needs the code, simply hover your mouse over the keypad and click the combination to unlock that door.

Door 1: What Is The Cabin 1 Code In Subnautica?

Subnautica Cabin 1 Code

Subnautica Cabin 1 Code

Code: 1869

The code to this cabin can otherwise be found written on the “Sweet Offer” report by Huggins on the Data Bank. You’ll find some collectibles here, such as a blue cap, Arcade gorge toy, a few batteries, and an abandoned PDA on the bed.

Door 2: How To Access The Lab On The Aurora?

Subnautica Lab Code

Subnautica Lab Code

Code: 6843

After getting the PDA from cabin 1, head to the lab at the bottom of the ship and enter the code above. Use your propulsion cannon to remove any excess debris from the lab door and your fire extinguisher to extinguish the fires at the entrance. You’ll find a few samples and another abandoned PDA, which you can explore and view later on.

Door 3: What Is The Door Code For Cargo Bay 3 In Subnautica?

Subnautica Cargo Bay 3 Code

Subnautica Cargo Bay 3 Code

Code: 1454

The Cargo Bay can be found on the right side of the aforementioned first entrance into The Aurora. It’ll be blocked by a few boxes for which you can use your propulsion cannon. After that, you can use the cargo bay 3 code to enter. You can find engine fragments, nutrients, and multiple other supplies hidden in this location.

Door 4: What Is The Code Needed To Enter The Captain’s Quarters?

Subnautica Captain's Quarters Code

Subnautica Captain’s Quarters Code

Code: 2679

After retrieving the captain’s code from the Data Bank or using this guide, head onto the Captain Stateroom next to cabin 1. One of the essentials to grab here are the blueprints for the Neptune Space Rocket, which you can now explore. You can also grab the Captain’s notes if you want to get in on the ship’s lore.

Note: An important detail to mind is that there’ll be a lot of doors on The Aurora that, instead of entering a simple code, will be broken and require certain equipment in order to be fixed. So be sure to grab your trusty Repair Tool if you ever encounter one of those broken doors on the ship!

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