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Super People Tournament Includes $75k Prize Pool

by Abdul Wassay
Super People Tournament

Super People tournament includes a 75,000 dollars prize pool. Wonder People, the South Korean developers behind the battle royale “Super People,” have announced that the game is going to be running its final beta test this month. Along with this news, the developers also announced that there will be a Super Tournament. The team which will be declared the winner will have a prize pool of $75,000.

Wonder People have also revealed the schedule regarding the beta test. From this schedule, we can see that Super People’s final beta test will occur starting on August 17th and ending on August 31st. The final beta test, along with the Super Tournament, is available to all players who join. Tournaments will open every day, and players will be required to form duos to complete.

Players can check their Tournament region in the bottom right of the game lobby. Ending times regarding Tournament matches may vary depending on the match. During the first three days of the final beta, players of any level will be able to participate in the Tournament. After the three days, only those who are level 7 and higher will be able to participate.

Below are the regions, along with their Super Tournament schedule (the time zone is PT):

  • Asia – 4:00 ~7:40
  • NA – 17:00 ~ 20:40
  • SA – 16:00 ~ 19:40
  • EU – 11:00 ~14:40
  • SEA – 5:00 ~ 8:40

Wonder People also gave a brief rundown of the Tournament. The Tournament will consist of three stages. Those are qualifiers, group stages, and finals. Players will have the ability to obtain seed points if they participate in tournament matches. The seed points will determine who makes it to the next round of the tournament, so do keep an eye out for them.

Wonder People also stated that a maximum daily prize pool of $75k will be available for all regions every day, with the total amount depending on the number of participants. The duo who manage to win and come first in the final round shall be declared winners and will take home the cash prize.

Super People’s final beta test will begin on August 17th and end on August 30th.

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