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A New Indie Fighting Game, “Umbral Core” Has Been Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Umbral Core Cover Art

Set in a dark gothic world, much like Bloodborne, Umbral Core is a brand new 2.5D fighting game.  Announced just yesterday, the game has already drawn attention from the larger fighting game community for its unique visual aesthetics and little bits of character lore. The tweet announcing the game has managed to hit almost 8 thousand likes in just under a day!

Traditional Yet Modern

Umbral Core has been described by the developers as a 2.5D fighting game, similar to something like Dragon Ball FighterZ. What this means is that the characters and backgrounds will be completely rendered in 3D, while the actual game itself is gonna be played in a 2D plane. In an era of 3D fighting games, such as the upcoming Street Fighter 6, fans still do miss the look and feel of traditional 2D fighting games such as Akatsuki Blitzkampf. But 2D fighting games take a lot to develop, so 2.5D is the safest method to ensure that as many people are satisfied as possible.

Stylish and Aggressive

As stated before Umbral Core is set in a dark and gothic fantasy world. The gameplay looks fantastic as well, and by the developer’s own words, it seems as though this game wasn’t intended for hardcore fighting game players in mind. The developers want both new fans of the genre, who might be a bit turned off by how hard it is to get into fighting games, and old fans, who crave a fresh experience, to enjoy this game. It will be interesting to see how this game handles that of course.

The game will also feature a rollback netcode at launch. This is great news, as even recently released fighting games, such as the rerelease of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax didn’t feature rollback at launch. While this may seem like a tiny problem, it can cause huge issues for online play, which has caused the online experience of P4AU, to be completely devoid of any players. It seems as though the developers of Umbral Core are aware of how much people want the benefits of rollback netcode in fighting games.

When Does It Release?

As of now, there is no definite release date. Going by the official Umbral Core website, the game has been in development for 2 years, and while big-budget AAA games are usually finished by that time, we have to remember that this is just an indie game. There’s no need to rush anything. As of now, the developers have only finished 1 character out of the confirmed 6. The game will start a Kickstarter campaign in November, so fans who want to support the development of this promising fighting game should definitely keep an eye out.

You can check out the gameplay of Umbral Core below.


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