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V Rising Patch 0.4.5 Adds Server Wipes, Rolls Out Today

by Abdul Wassay
V Rising Cover Art

V Rising, the vampire game from the studio Stunlock, has just gotten recently been updated. Patch 0.4.5 has now added server wipes for privately owned servers. Players can now schedule when they want their servers to be wiped, or even if they want them to be wiped at all. This is only available for servers that are owned by players, as official servers will be exempt from this.

As stated before, players will be able to wipe their servers and schedule when it is going to happen. Servers that have this feature active will have a small icon next to them on the server and also have an indicator reminding players how many days are left until the server is wiped completely. Players can also opt-out of having their private servers wiped, and while searching for servers, players will now be able to activate a filter that allows them to completely remove servers with scheduled wipes enabled from their list.

One caveat that comes with this update is the fact that the option to wipe servers will only be available on servers that have been created after patch 0.4.5. Players looking to add this feature to their servers will most likely have to create a completely new one. As for official servers with scheduled wipes, there aren’t any added yet but Stunlock plans to release them in the coming future.

Some Other Fixes

As for the other fixes, this update adds, there aren’t plenty but they are as follows.

  • General bug fixes make the overall experience of the game much better to play.
  • Fixed a bug that made servers crash when players were using counters and directional shields.
  • Players will now be able to use DLC content from Founders’ Pack and Dracula’s Relic while in LAN mode.
  • The clouds in the game have been made less blurry.

V Rising is now available on PC on Steam.

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