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Valkyrie Elysium To Release On 29th September

by Abdul Wassay
Valkyrie Elysium Cover Art

Valkyrie Elysium, the latest entry in the long-running Valkyrie Profile series, has now gotten an official release date. Developed by Soleil and published by Square Enix, the game is going to be an action RPG featuring elements of Norse mythology, as is the staple in Valkyrie Profile games.

What Is Valkyrie Profile?

Valkyrie Profile is a long-running JRPG franchise that started with the release of Valkyrie Profile in 1999. The series has been running for 23 years, with the last release, Valkyrie Anatomia, in 2016 in Japan. It was released to the West in 2019. After a long time without a new entry, fans of the JRPG are excited to jump back into the world of Valkyrie with Valkyrie Elysium. Valkyrie Elysium will also feature composer Motoi Sakuraba, who has worked on the soundtrack of every single Valkyrie game since the first one.

As stated before, Valkyrie Elysium is based on Norse mythology. Going by Square Enix’s Official Website, the plot will revolve around a Valkyrie, a being that has been created to combat Ragnarok, which has been described in Norse mythology as the end of the world. If the gameplay of previous Valkyrie games is anything to go by, the game will have the main character recruit “Einherjars”, who are deceased warriors. It will be up to the Valkyrie to send them to Valhalla or not.

Valkyrie Elysium Release Date

A new trailer posted recently has confirmed the release date of Valkyrie Elysium to be on September 29th, 2022, although this is for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players only. Square Enix has confirmed that PC players will have to wait a bit until they can play the game, as it has been confirmed that Valkyrie Elysium will release on Steam on November 11th, 2022. Additionally, PC and PS4 will receive a port of the enhanced version of the first Valkyrie game, known as Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth.

Valkyrie Elysium will release for PS4 & PS5 on September 29th and PC on November 11th.

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