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Valorant Chamber Nerfs Are Coming Soon

by Abdul Wassay
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Valorant Chamber has been confirmed to be receiving a nerf that will be coming soon. The meta of Valorant is constantly evolving, and with every update, it changes. But, for quite some time now, one Valorant agent has taken over the meta. If you weren’t aware, we’re talking about Chamber. As of right now, it seems as though even Valorant pros have taken a liking to the French agent, as he has a pick rate of 80% at Masters: Copenhagen. A lot of players were complaining about how OP Chamber was, and wanted him to be nerfed.

But now, it has been confirmed that Chambers Valorant will be receiving nerfs.

Valorant Chamber Nerfs Arriving Soon

We got the confirmation of the nerf when a thread was posted on the Valorant Competitive Subreddit on July 16th. The thread noticed that Chamber had a very high pick rate of 80% at Masters: Copenhagen. Players noted that if only one character is given so much importance, it worsens the experience for everyone. People wondered why Valorant that why was Riot even waiting to balance the broken agent yet.

One user noted:

I understand not wanting to disrupt pro-play with massive agent changes, but how hard would it have been to increase Chamber ult to 8 points, it has the ability to turn the tide of any round, eco or full-buy.

Another one also added:

Knowing Riot we’ll probably go at least 3 patches with no changes to him because they still think the original nerf actually did anything to him.

This one prompted a reply, from the Valorant developers themselves. ‘Penguin‘, one of Valorant’s game designers, responded and confirmed that Chamber nerfs will be happening soon. In another reply, he also stated that they won’t “destroy” the agent. As of right now, there is no official word regarding the release date of the nerfs, but considering Valorant Champions happen in about a month, it’ll happen sometime soon.

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