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Valorant New Agent Select Screen Revealed

by Abdul Wassay
Valorant New Agent Select Screen

Valorant new agent select screen has just gotten revealed. On Twitter, the account known as “ValorLeaks” posted a tweet regarding an upcoming Valorant update.

In the tweet, we can see a video attached. The video clearly shows an updated UI for the Agent select screen. The new UI will reportedly release by the next Valorant update according to rumors. In the video, we can see an updated UI for the character select screen which is a great departure from the previous one. Ever since launch, we’ve had the same agent select UI for Valorant, and nobody expected it to change. Regardless, if the leak is true it shows a version of the select screen which we haven’t seen before.

The Valorant Agent Select Screen UI update boasts a completely new look for the game’s selection screen. The previous selection screen consisted of the background and the character model, similar to Overwatch. After selecting the character, the character would do a small animation, which was neat. Each of them gave you a tiny hint of what the character was like.

However, the new character selection screen is completely different. Gone is the area used for the background. This time, the background features a simple color that matches the character you’re selecting. Furthermore, in the middle of the background, you’ll be able to see the character’s name repeated multiple times. One other change is the removal of the character models. Now, when you select a character, it will display an artwork instead. Unlike the previous agent select screen, this one will display no animation, instead, the new one will feature the character just sliding into the middle of the screen. The new agent select screen is vastly different from the previous, and while it’s got its fans, some do not like it.

In similar news, it was also recently revealed that Valorant is going to feature a Fortnite-like emote selection screen. In the below tweet, you can see Jett doing some poses. This means that Valorant might feature an emote-like feature in the future, which will probably feature more emotes than the ones below.

The emotes, for now, are pretty basic and nothing special. For now, it’s unconfirmed that they’re even going to be added to the game, as they could just be scrapped content that may never see the light of day. Regardless, emotes are a cool idea even though the developers may have some difficulty incorporating them. The video attached in the above tweet shows that emotes will be 3rd-person and players won’t be able to move, similar to Fortnite. The emote seem to be selected by a wheel, where you may also be given the ability to spray as well.

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