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Valorant Night Market July 2022 Release Date

by Abdul Wassay
Valorant Night Market July 2022 Cover

Valorant Night Market has been confirmed to return. People interested can get high-quality skins at a reduced price for a short time. Riot Games has pumped out a lot of different cosmetics for players who can afford them. While these make no difference gameplay-wise, they do certainly add a bit of style to your weapons. For players who wanted Valorant skins at a cheaper price, they should get read for Valorant Night Market 2022!

Valorant Night Market Release Date

Valorant Night Market returns on July 20th and lasts until August 2nd. People who are interested in the even will be able to purchase premium skins in Valorant at a discount, and that discount can go up to 40%. Players just need to hope that they get good enough skin to appear. If you’re not happy with what you’re given, you can still roll the slots, at a price of course.

Can I Refresh Night Market Skins?

The Valorant Night Market has six slots. You’re not able to re-roll them unless you shop for something else. Unfortunately for players, there’s no actual way to refresh their Night Market skins. Multiple different skins are put on sale in Night Market, but players will only have the discount on the skin given to them in their slots. If you’re not a fan of what you’ve been given, you can get more by shopping. If you can’t afford it, it’s much better if you wait until the next sale.

What Kind Of Skins are In Night Market?

The Night Market may give players the options to purchase skins at a discount, but not all skins are that way. If you’re interested, the shop is a good way to find cheaper skins from the Select, Deluxe or Premium tiers, but at the very least the skin has to be two acts old. Night Market also excludes Exclusive and Ultra tiers from their lineup, and only weapon skins are available. Meaning if you’re looking for cheaper agent contracts skins, you won’t find them here. Night Market does include Premium tier skins at least, and Riot makes sure that at least two such slots appear for all players. The Valorant Night Market is a good way to get some skins if you’re interested.

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