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Valorant Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle Leaked

by Abdul Wassay
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Valorant Reaver 2.0 Leaked

Valorant Reaver 2.0 skin bundle has been leaked. The Reaver 2.0 leak is pretty expansive and details information such as the Reaver 2.0 price. The leak has gotten a few fans excited, as you can see here.

Released on June 2nd, 2020, Valorant is a first-person 5v5 tactical shooter that’s free to play. The game also allows players to customize their characters and weapons through skins, which can be purchased in the game. A big of Valorant’s long-lasting success is the addition of new skins and other content, which has kept the player base of the game alive. And now it seems players will get a new skin bundle if the leaks are to be believed. The Valorant Reaver 2.0 has been leaked, and many details surrounding it have also been posted.

Valorant Reaver 2.0 Leak

As Valorant is free-to-play, a big part of how Riot Games makes a profit off of Valorant is by selling items such as Battle Passes and Skins. Valorant gets a new skin bundle every couple of weeks, and players can purchase the skins through real money. The Valorant Reaver 2.0 skin bundle leak occurred when a well-known Valorant data miner, xtr_cs, posted an image on Twitter of a Valorant Reaver 2.0 skin, showing the Reaver Phantom skin.

Valorant Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle

The Valorant Reaver 2.0 skin bundle seems to be a sequel to the original Reaver skin bundle. The leaks show that the Reaver 2.0 skins resemble the other Reaver skins, with purple being the default color. The following weapon skins are available in the bundle:

The Valorant developers don’t repeat skins in the new iterations of their bundles. So it’s probably better if players don’t expect the Guardian, Sheriff, Operator, or Vandal skins. The Valorant Reaver 2.0 skin bundle has color variations as well, three to be exact. According to the leaks, the Reaver 2.0 color variations are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red

Such as the other bundles, the Reaver 2.0 will most likely feature Sprays and Player Cards, but the leaks didn’t reveal any info on them.

Valorant Reaver 2.0 Price

As of right now, the price regarding the Reaver 2.0 skin bundle has not been officially revealed, but the leaks have indicated that like the original one, the Reaver 2.0 skin is Premium Tier. The bundle will include, 3 Player Cards, 3 Sprays, and 5 Skins. If the leak is to be believed, the price of the bundle should be 7100VP, which is around $71. The prices regarding the Reaver 2.0 Skin Bundle are detailed below:

  • Phantom – 1775VP
  • Melee – 1775VP
  • Odin – 1775VP
  • Each Reaver 2.0 Player Card – 375VP
  • Each Reaver 2.0 Spray – 375VP
  • The Valorant Reaver 2.0 Full Bundle – 7100VP

Though the leaks are pretty detailed, nothing is confirmed as of yet, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

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