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Valorant Servers Down Due To Hackers

by Abdul Wassay
Valorant Servers Down

You may have noticed that for some reason, Valorant servers down recently. Riot Games’ multiplayer tactical shooter VALORANT attracts thousands of players daily. But as with any multiplayer title, server issues are inevitable, especially around scheduled maintenance, major updates, or new games and episodes. But the reason for the latest server issues seems to be a hack in Riot Games.

VALORANT fans may encounter a variety of errors, including the infamous error code 43. But the latest error seems to be caused due to a hack in Riot Games’ servers. Riot is generally communicative when dealing with these issues, explaining exactly what the developers are doing to handle the madness. But for now, there haven’t been any words from the developers at all.

Whenever someone wants to check on server status, their best bet is to check the VALORANT Twitter account, which regularly updates fans on the state of the game. A VALORANT account is usually submitted when serious server-side issues persist. The Riot Support account will also tweet about important VALORANT issues. However, the accounts have posted nothing of sorts about the server status, leaving many wondering why this is all happening.

Similarly, VALORANT is also listed on the Riot Games Service Status page. Updates for all of the company’s titles, such as League of Legends, can be found on the Service Status page. Any errors are usually accompanied by a timestamp of when they started, and sometimes include a time frame when the servers will be up. Users can also select the Service Status page for VALORANT specifically. But there’s nothing of note that has been posted on the site which tells players if the servers are currently down.

As of now, the rumors of Riot Games being hacked and Valorant Servers being down, as a result, seem to be uncorroborated, and there’s been no official confirmation of these rumors yet. But, if they are true, this could spell a lot of troubling things for both the company and the players.

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