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Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen Teams, Matches, Venue, Schedule, Tickets

by Abdul Wassay
Valorant Champions Tour 2022 Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen

The Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen has finally begun. Valorant Masters 2022 had lots of excitement on Stage 1 alone and it seems as though Valorant Masters Copenhagen is going to be even better. Here I’ll be going over the Valorant Masters Copenhagen venue, Valorant Masters Copenhagen teams, Valorant Masters Copenhagen matches, Valorant Masters Copenhagen schedule, Valorant Masters Copenhagen upcoming matches, and where to get Valorant Masters Copenhagen tickets.

Valorant Masters Copenhagen Venue

The venue for Valorant Masters Stage 2 is the Forum, located in Copenhagen of course. The Forum is a large venue located indoors. It has a seating capacity of 10,000 people. The Forum is located in the municipality of Frederiksberg. It’s the perfect area to hold an event such as this.

Valorant Masters Copenhagen Teams

The Group Stage teams and their members are as follows:

Valorant Masters Copenhagen Matches

The outcome of the matches yesterday has been the following:

DRX vs Northeption

The first match of July 11 pitted the teams DRX and Northeption against one another. DRX has had a successful streak so far, as in the first match in all three international appearances they’ve been in, they’ve defeated their competition. Their opponents this time were Northeption, who still have a lot to prove.

Ascent was the first map, chosen by Northeption. The start of the match was strong for Northeption. Xnfri of Northeption started an amazing streak, winning 4 rounds in a row. However, this streak was ultimately broken by DRX, as at the end of the half, they regained their footing. In round 7, BuZz pulled an insane clutch. This would mark the beginning of a 6 round streak, where DRX destroyed Northeption over and over again. At the end of the first half, the score was 8-4. The second half went much the same, Northeption put on defense after they lost the pistol, which was utterly destroyed by Zest in the second round. Northeption again started a 4 round streak, which was ultimately broken by DRX who would go on to win every round after that. Ultimately bringing the match to a close, with the results being 13-8.

The second map, Bind, was chosen by DRX. Unfortunately for Northeption, they were destroyed here. Northeption only won in round 3, while every other round was a victory for DRX. DRX has moved onto the winner’s match, while Northeption has been placed in the losers match.

KRÜ Esports vs. LOUD

The second match on July 11 featured KRÜ Esports and LOUD. LOUD were the runner-ups at the VCT Stage 1 in Reykjavik. They also had an impressive record of 16-0 in the Brazilian Stage 2 Challengers. The history of LOUD might’ve been impressive, although the same couldn’t have been said for KRÜ Esports, who came last place in Reykjavik. Despite this, they still had an impressive win record of 4-0 in VCT matches against their Brazilian competition. It seemed as though KRÜ Esports was underestimated, and it certainly proved to be that way.

The first map was picked by LOUD, which was Fracture. LOUD must’ve felt confident as they’d struggled in this map earlier, while KRÜ Esports had no such issues. On the pistol, KRÜ decided to handle LOUD head-on. Everything was balanced for a couple more rounds and each team fought as hard as they could. LOUD gained the advantage in round 5, as KRÜ was outnumbered. After a clutch by saadhak, LOUD began to be more cautious. At the end of the first half, LOUD took the lead as the results were 8-4. In the second half, KRÜ definitely started to gain back momentum. keznit, who in the first half only had 5 kills, started playing brilliantly. KRÜ were able to tie the score to a 10-10 near the end, but saadhak ruined their chances. In the end, LOUD won, the results being 13-10.

Haven, chosen by KRÜ, was the second map. The match was opened by a win in the pistol for KRÜ although once again the teams were on equal footing early on, as both tried to gain the advantage. KRÜ gained control of the central B site and gained a 7-3 lead, while LOUD, later on, pulled a clutch and picked up momentum, at the end of the first half KRÜ was still in the lead, results being 7-5. The second half started the same way as matches from LOUD’s past, and although they were going to gain the lead, KRÜ’s Klaus destroyed their chance. Klaus would also pull off a clutch two rounds in a row. LOUD started to regain their footing, When KRÜ was in the 12-6 lead, LOUD started fighting harder than ever. Ultimately the second half ended in a win for KRÜ, a 13-9 win.

Icebox was the final map, decided on by both teams. Early on LOUD took the lead easily, while KRÜ struggled. Klaus pulled off a 1v3 clutch, which slowed LOUD down. Another clutch helped KRÜ as well, who then proceeded to win 5 more rounds, but LOUD wasn’t letting go of their lead easily. Near the end, KRÜ made an epic comeback, first tying the score to 10-10, and in the end, they won a 13-10 win.

Guild Esports vs. OpTic Gaming

The final match was Guild Esports against OpTic Gaming. Guild Esports, while only being formed 3 years ago, has made a name for itself. On the hander hand, OpTic Gaming has been in the esports scene for 16 years. The match between the two has once again lit up the flames of the NA vs. EMEA rivalry.

Guild chose Icebox, and despite their past failures on the map, they started strong. They won the pistol round and won two rounds after that. This gave Guild a strong start, and they were leading with 7-0. In the eighth round, OpTic finally started making their comeback. After several minutes of frequent clashes and close calls, the distance in wins between the two was shortened, with Guild still having an 8-4 lead. In the second half, Guild started playing better as well, but OpTic wasn’t letting them have the win that easily. Round after round, each one being a close call. In the end, Guild had the lead, the results being a close 13-11.

Split was chosen by OpTic as the next map. The pistol round was won by Guild, OpTic attempted to force their way to the lead but were struck down by Guild. With the score being 7-0, crashies saved OpTic which helped OpTic win 4 rounds. In the second half, OpTic secured their first pistol win. This would mark the beginning of a comeback for OpTic, and at 11-11, it seemed like a win for Guild. However, OpTic managed to save themselves, and at the end of the final round, it was decided overtime was going to be held. At the end of overtime, Leo won a 1v2, which finally helped declared Guild as the winner.

FunPlus Phoenix vs. XERXIA Esports

The first match on July 12 was XERXIA against FPX. FPX previously weren’t able to join Stage 1, as travel restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic restricted them from being able to go to Reykjavik, which caused Team Liquid to take their place. Now they’re back and determined to win.

The first match was held on Bind, which was picked by XERXIA. XERXIA took the early lead, winning two rounds in a row. FunPlus Phoenix quickly caught up after them and proceeded to win three rounds in a row. XERXIA didn’t plan to leave their lead so easily, as they proceeded to win 3 matches back-to-back after this, eventually putting the score at 5-3. FPX managed to win their 4th round shortly after, and after they proceeded to win their 5th match. Although it was close, XERXIA was still in the lead with a 7-5 at the end of the first half. FPX won the pistol round in the second half, further shortening the distance between them and XERXIA. Further wins allowed them to get to the lead with 9-7, although XERXIA quickly caught up, and tied the score at 9-9. XERXIA fought even harder, and took an 11-9 lead, although FPX quickly caught up. The next few rounds were close, but in the end, FPX won with a 14-12 lead.

FPX chose Ascent for their next map, and although they proceeded to win two matches, XERXIA triumphed over them quickly, winning 3 more rounds. FPX proceeded to win 2 more rounds, but XERXIA maintained their lead and won 2 rounds, having a 5-4 lead. After a while, XERXIA took a timeout and proceeded to win, which netted them a couple more wins before FPX tied it at a 7-7. FPX proceeded to take a timeout which helped them win two more rounds, after which XERXIA took their timeout, eventually ending the match with a 13-9 lead.

The next map, chosen by both teams, was Haven. Although XERXIA won the pistol, the next 4 rounds were won by FPX. XERXA started to gain back momentum, and eventually managed to tie the score at 5-5, although FPX managed to win at the end of the first half with a 7-5 lead. XERXIA managed to tie the score once again at 7-7, and a couple of close calls later both the teams were tied at 10-10. This would be the last match X ERXIA would win, however, as the game ended with FPX in the lead with a 13-10.

Guild Esports vs. KRÜ Esports

The second match of July 12 had everyone waiting in anticipation, as both were winners just the day prior. Guild taking an easy 2-0 victory against OpTic. While KRÜ struggled a bit against LOUD, but still managed to get a win at 2-1.

KRÜ chose Bind, as they had a good history on the map. KRÜ were in the lead in the beginning, with a 2-0. After that, it wasn’t clear who the winner was going to be. Guild barely managed to have the lead at the end of the first half with a 7-5 score. KRÜ managed to tie the score, and it went back at forth like this until both teams were tied at 11-11. Guild managed to hold out until overtime, however, KRÜ won in the end with a 14-12 lead.

Guild chose Fracture as their next map. After winning the pistol, Guild managed to net 2 more wins. KRÜ made their comeback and won 3 rounds as well. Unfortunately for KRÜ, Guild didn’t let them get an easy win after this. Guild won 5 rounds in a row, and KRÜ managed to win 3 more. It didn’t mean much, as at the end of it all, Guild was in the lead with a 13-6 score.

Icebox was decided by both teams as their third and final match commenced. Guild won the pistol, taking the first two rounds for themselves. KRÜ didn’t let up and won 5 rounds. Guild managed to close the gap between themselves and KRÜ near the end of the half, although KRÜ still won with a 7-5 lead. The second half began, and once again Guild won the pistol. Both teams were at each other’s neck and were tied at 9-9. Guild got up to 11-9, however, KRÜ once again tied themselves with Guild at 11-11. KRÜ forced overtime, where Guild managed to win at 16-14.

Valorant Masters Copenhagen Schedule

The following is the schedule for the remaining matches left in Valorant Masters Copenhagen (the time is EST).

  1. July 12, 9:00 am – DRX vs FunPlus Phoenix
  2. July 12, 12:00 pm – NTH vs XERXIA
  3. July 12, 3:00 pm – LOUD vs OpTic
  4. July 13, 11:00 am – Undecided
  5. July 13, 2:00 pm – KRÜ Esports vs TBD.
  6. July 14, 11:00 am – Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals
  7. July 14, 2:00 pm – Playoffs
  8. July 15, 11:00 am – Playoffs
  9. July 15, 2:00 pm – Playoffs
  10. July 16, 11:00 am – Lower Round 1
  11. July 16, 2:00 pm – Playoffs
  12. July 17, 11:00 am – Upper Bracket Semi-Finals
  13. July 17, 2:00 pm – Playoffs
  14. July 18, 11:00 am – Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals
  15. July 18, 2:00 pm – Playoffs
  16. July 22, 11:00 am – Upper Bracket Final
  17. July 22, 2:00 pm – Lower Bracket Semi-Finals
  18. July 23, 11:00 am – Lower Bracket Final
  19. July 23, 2:00 pm – Grand Final

Valorant Masters Upcoming Matches

As of right now, the two upcoming matches are:

Valorant Masters Copenhagen Tickets

The tickets for Valorant Masters Copenhagen can be bought here.

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