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Voez Version 1.11 Release Date

by Abdul Wassay
Voez Version 1.11 Release Date

Flyhigh Works and Rayark have announced that there the Voez version 1.11 release date is September 15th. If you don’t know what Voez is, it’s a rhythm for the Nintendo Switch. Ever since its release, the game has been updated every few months, with new songs added for free with each update. The last of these updates was almost a year ago and added 10 songs to a total of 240 at the time.

Rhythm game Voez is getting another free update on the Nintendo Switch. Flyhigh Works and Rayark have announced version 1.11, which adds fifty more tracks to the game. That means there are a total of 290 songs to play when the update launches next week on September 15th. Below is the full list of new songs.

Voez new tracks:

  • Snow Blossom/yuritoworks.
  • FORSETY/Analog digitaL
  • Beyond This World/Iris
  • Drop/篤志
  • Deep Lies/KEN(Le’Sens Vie)
  • Draft/Paradigm [Eyes + August]
  • Katakoi Syndrome/CLoTiVE (Feat. Lielle)
  • Un Sospiro/かねこちはる feat. AI
  • sing thing feat.nortalync/Magao
  • conflict/siromaru + cranky
  • koiniochita kokuhaku/うつろ feat. 櫻樺
  • After School -Mira Filia-/Dr.Laintrigger Demo
  • maindish is my voice/originam
  • shining world/charon feat. Nanase Rei
  • Zhele/Feryquitous
  • Hello and Again/Maozon
  • Forbidden Souls/Nhato
  • KAEDE/Ocelot
  • Back to Basics/Scarfaith
  • The Survivor/Taishi
  • starT_Today/tigerlily
  • Double Helix/xi
  • volcanic/DETRO a.k.a ルゼ
  • Wintry Waltz/PTB10
  • Beyond the Natura/Sound Souler
  • Remain/ユアミトス
  • ZEUS † 666/ルゼ
  • Rapture/V0iD
  • Accelerator/Massive New Krew
  • Äventyr/GrandThaw / Rigel Theatre
  • Darling Staring…/technoplanet feat. はるの
  • Doldrums/Paul Bazooka
  • 妖怪録、我し来にけり。」/TEZUKApo11o band ft.ランコ(豚乙女)+OFFICE萬田
  • DEADLY;WEAPON/NOMA w/ Apo11o program ft.Uzumaki
  • Enhanced Lights/Neutral Moon
  • The Mayhem/Crayvxn
  • One World Overpowered/Neutral Moon
  • Serotonin/Crayvxn
  • Abiogenesis/Juggernaut.
  • Am I delicious?/Yamajet feat. Amane (COOL&CREATE) & Godspeed
  • CydraL/Feryquitous
  • Hypnos/xi
  • Kaguya/BlackY
  • Magnolia/M2U Vocal by Guriri
  • Sairai/Shinichi Kobayashi

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