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Oppo To Launch World of Immortals

by Abdul Wassay
World of Immortals Cover Art

Oppo World of Immortals is Oppo’s way of announcing that they’re entering the mobile gaming industry with the release of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, also known as an MMORPG. The MMORPG is known as World of Immortals. World of Immortals is developed by Oppo itself and will serve as an entry point for the tech company to entire the mobile gaming market.

World Of Immortals

Oppo’s recent World of Immortals is their first self-developed MMORPG. It is a mobile game that tries to stray away from standard MMORPG gameplay and into something more unique. The game features oriental imagery and heavily features martial arts as well. The MMORPG has four separate classes and a wide variety of roles that anyone can choose. Players will be able to choose their class and their role depending on the weapons available, some of which include swords, bows, katanas, etc.

Each weapon will require a unique set of talents from the player. The talents can include being a healer, a mage, or even a tank. Players will be able to choose a weapon that best suits their gameplay style. Character customization is also available. The players can customize their characters by a varied skin selection, players can even choose the outfits of their characters. Players can also gain access to VIP levels by completing daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

By playing the game, the player will experience combat, trading, new skins, and events almost every day. The game will also feature a guild and group structure, and players can earn more by doing daily guild duties which can earn them more profits. Players can also take part in guild-only objectives, an example being boss raids.

How Do I Play World Of Immortals

If you’re someone who is interested in World of Immortals, pre-registration for the MMORPG is open on Oppo App Market and Google Play Store. It has also been revealed that the first 500 players who enter a special code at certain Oppo Stores by 31st August 2022 will earn in-game rewards. If you want more information about the World of Immortals, you can find it on their official website.

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